8 things to consider when choosing a gym

January 8, 2020

Finding the right gym to fit your own unique personality and motivate you to come back to exercise on the regular basis is essential to achieving your fitness goals.

It is very important to research your options before joining.

When thinking to join, arrange a visit to meet the gym staff and have a tour around the gym first. Ask as many questions as possible about questions about the gym. Also ask for a day pass to test out the gym equipment, classes and other facilities.

These are questions you should have in mind before joining a gym

1 Location, Location, Location. Choose a gym you know you will be able to go to on a regularly basis. Ideally, the gym should be between your home and office or school. Having the gym closer to you make it’s easier to go to and less stressful when you are short of time.

2 Hours The opening hours of the gym are crucial for your training. Choose a gym that
opens from Monday-Friday from very early and closes very late. And on the weekends opens from morning to late afternoon. Make sure the gym opening hours fit in with your training schedule.

3 Members Observe the type of members the gym attracts before joining as some gyms can be for same sex only like females only or individuals of age groups such as 50+

4 Staff Observe to see if the staff members are helpful, kind, caring, supportive and courteous. The staff must be ready to answer your questions immediately, they qualified to train gym members, able to guide you through your fitness routine and their charges.

5 Cleanliness Cleanliness of the gym is very important, make sure that the gym has towels and spray to wipe machines after use. Look to see if the gym has a staff member whose responsibility is to keep the gym clean and very tidy. Also look through the changing rooms, lockers, showers, toilets and sinks to see if they are properly maintained.

6 Equipment As you are taking a tour around the gym, observe the popular machines that gym users use the most whether they have sign up sheet or time limit like 30-minute that will probably not be good for you. Find out if they have new machines that you are not aware of or know how to use. Do these machine have instructions and pictures on them to give you advice or there is a skilled staff that can help show you how the machine are used.

7 Classes Ask to see the fitness class timetable for the gym to see if they are a variety of classes which would be of interest also find out if you are able to reserve the classes you want and if it is an extra charge in addition to the gym membership.

8 Fees Cost is one the most important deciding factors to whether you are able to join the gym. Many gyms have a signing-up fee, however this can be waived during certain promotions. Take a look at the payment options such as: do you pay monthly or commit your self to a year membership, can you cancel on a short notice without penalty or can you pay per visit. This will help you assess if the gym can fit your budget.


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