About Us

Activate Body Therapy offers you the highest standards of Trainers and a unique group of Specialists who deals in Personal Training and Nutritional advice, Acute and Chronic pain treatment because we understand that every client has different requirements, needs and fitness levels that can be addressed by our Team.


We provide gym membership at a discounted rate. All you have to do is turn up, do the session and will guarantee you feeling great afterwards.
We will give you 100% commitment to getting amazing results, seeing visible results in just 20 days!

We take a calm approach in training or treating you through enjoyable and exhilarating sessions combined with specialised muscle and joint manipulation techniques to loosen up the body by using advanced Neuromuscular and Sports Therapy.

We are friendly, professional, highly experienced and will get the job done as we always done.


Our goal is simple; help you achieve your health and fitness goals in a short period of time with less effort, good nutritional advice; with fun and exciting fitness program.

The Long term goal is to inspire you live a healthy pain free lifestyle, invigorate immune system through functional exercises and good nutrition plans.

Activate Body Therapy specialises in;

  • General weight loss.
  • Muscle building.
  • Getting in shape for sport or competition.
  • Eliminating acute and chronic pain.
  • Treating and preventing injuries.

We provide tailored progressive and challenging programmes (that correct, align and strengthen the body) combined with nutritional advice and healthy meals to suit different individuals improve weight loss, strength, muscle size, lean muscle, flexibility and muscle elasticity or anyother body issues.

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