Cordination exercises

January 8, 2020

Cordination exercises are exercises done to improve quick reaction, anticipation and reflexes.

Cordination exercises involves of balance, core stability and movement of the whole body

Below are exercises to improve the coordination
Balance work: this can be performed on the flat or uneven surface. Balance work done on the flat surface is standing on one leg for up to 20 secs on each leg. Repeat 3 times

Uneven surfaces can be: standing on the bosu ball (half a Swiss ball) using both feet then if that gets easier youcan stand on one leg for up 15 secs. Repeat 3 times.

Core stability exercises are: Plank- lie flat on stomach, bend elbow, on your toes, draw your stomach muscle and raise your hip.
Hold for up to 30secs and repeat 3 times Spine bridge hold- lie on your back, hands and feet on the floor. Hold your stomach in raise your hips up and hold for 30secs, repeat 3 times

Quadruped opposite arm and leg hold- go on your fours (face down, arms straight and knees bent) extend opposite arm and leg till they are straight. Hold for up to 20secs, then change to the other opposite side and repeat 3 times.


1. Squat jumps, box jump, lateral jumps
2. Hurdle jumps, progression- single leg hurdle jump
3. Dumbbell or barbell Squat and shoulder press
4. Dumbbell forward lunges with: arm extension, then rotation and side bend
5. Press up and tap shoulders as you come up, progression will be Spider-Man (from push up position opposite arm and leg go forward then back. Do the opposite side) build to 20 times and repeat 3 times
6. Crawls to standing up (from push up position, walk back using your hands until you are up right standing on you feet)

Please note: for movement exercises, perform 3 sets, 20 repetitions, make sure your abdominal muscles are active or tight and maintain the right posture through.


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