Exercises you can do after viral infections

January 8, 2020

Viral infections such as colds, flues and many more can cause weight loss, weakness and tiredness in the body.

In order for the body to get to normal state it was : you need to eat a well balance diet that compromises of carbohydrates, protein, vegetables, fruits and do strength exercises to stimulate muscle growth.

Here is an example of a nutrition plan you can follow:
7-8am – breakfast (a bowl of cereal    or shredded wheat and a glass of water for hydration)
10-11am- health snack (a glass of pure apple juice or orange, peanuts and 2 pro its     biscuits)
1-2pm – lunch (2 portions of vegetables, 3 potatoes and fish and a glass of passion fruit)
4-5pm – snack (mixed fruit salad, sunflower seeds and a glass of water)
7-8pm – dinner (3 portions of vegetables, chicken breast and rice or matooke)
9- 10pm (optional) a health snack such as: nutrient bars

Exercises you can do to build your energy and strength are:
1 Squats/ lunges/deadlifts 3×10 (use a good weight that you can manage)
2 Press up (body weight exercise to stimulate the chest muscles) 3×12 no weight required.
3 Rows (works on the back) 3×10 (use comfortable weight you can manage)

You can use: dumbbells, machines, barbells, medicine balls

Please note: it is better to start exercising with basic exercises and light weights. This will allow the body to adapt and to prepare for the changes the that will occur in the coming training program.

If you overtrain or over push yourself at the beginning you can damage the muscles and this will cause a set back.


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