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“Since i started working out with Ismail I am stronger than i was. Ismail is so professional and pays attention to the client. He gives me workouts that are tailored towards my fitness goals that am now able to do workouts that i never thought i would do.

I have learnt so much from Ismail especially because he is always willing to share knowledge and help me be the best that i can be.”

Sheila Magambo

(Zumba Instructor)


“I had a pain in the bottom of my foot that was preventing me from wearing shoes to work. I was recommended  to see Ismail a who performed assessment to determine the cause of the pain.

Ismail discovered that I had tight calf muscles that was causing the pain in the bottom of the foot. He also discovered other tight muscles and still joints.

He devised a treatment plan that focused on the bottom of the foot, the calf, legs, lower and upper back.  He also incorporated loads mobility work and stretches to eliminate the pain after each treatment. After 5 treatments the pain in  the bottom of the foot had gone and whole body felt looser. I have now started to wear shoes to work.

I would recommend anyone with muscular pain or tightness and stiff joints to Ismail.”

Eddie Irungu


“Ismail is very professional and takes our sessions very seriously. There is work to be done and it must be done!

He pushes you gently but firmly to get through the sessions so that the session seems so much easier than it actually is.

I have exercised on my own for several years now but since I started with Ismail, I am so much fitter and stronger than ever before and I am able to do things that I never thought I could!.”

Rachel Mawenje



“I had a muscular pain in my lower back, that prevented me playing golf and nearly missed the Uganda open 2016. The pain caused a lot of discomfort when I walked or played golf. I could only play few holes and severe pain would kick in.

I met Ismail at the golf club when I was in he process of meeting a Physiotherapy who I didn’t know much about. After talking to Ismail I was convinced and assured that he could treat my lower back.  Within 3 treatments my back had improved and I was able to hit balls on the driving range without pain and enabled me to prepare for the Uganda open 2016.

Ismail did 2 further treatments to make sure the pain disappears.

He went further by doing mobility exercises to make sure the body was properly aligned and muscles relaxed and pain free.

I am now back to playing golf and I am able to play 18 holes without pain. Thanks to Ismail a God sent.

I would recommend Ismail to anyone who has low back pain or any form of muscular pain, or want to improve fitness in order to play sport.”

Deo Akope



My name is Cate, I got to know about Ismail through a magazine; to be precise, Flair magazine. I read through the article talking about how he was a good trainer who helps men and women to reach their fitness goals. I got interested because I was struggling with baby weight issues. When I called him, he was was warm and hence fixed for an appointment to meet with him to draw a road map of my weight loss journey.

I like his professionalism he manifests during the work out sessions…even when the exercise seems undoeable he makes it look easy to do.

During my training sessions with Ismail, i have managed to reduce from 76kgs to 67kgs and still want to reach my target of 65kgs. I feel more fit, stronger and happier!!!!


“I had a pain in my heel that prevented me from playing golf. I saw Ismail who treated it and Ismail did loads of mobility work and stretches to make sure the pain goes away. In addition he also gave me home exercises to do. After one treatment the pain had gone. I recommend you to see Ismail if you have muscle pain or joint stiffness. He is very professional, highly educated on injuries, exercises and has a lot of experience in health and fitness.”

Maria Ochieng

(Golfer )


I have been working with Ismail for two and a half months now and I have never felt stronger or healthier.

He has an easy going, friendly personality which creates a relaxed atmosphere to bring out one’s personal best( pb) as he calls it.

He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results.

I would recommend Ismail to anyone who is serious about changing his/ her life for the better.

Thank you Ismail you’re the best.

Bernadett Ndawula,


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