Why do you gained weight?

By Ismail Sina, ismail@sinafitness.com

March 5, 2018

I will be looking at the meaning of gaining weight, the causes of weight gain, what gaining weight can it lead to, and the best way to prevent or manage weight.

What is weight gain? Weight gain is an accumulation of excess energy that the body stores around the stomach, back, legs and many more parts of the body or in the liver. In addition to lack of exercise weight gain is caused by number of factors such as: walking less and spending more time driving everywhere, eating more food than what the our bodies require, and eating at the wrong time of the day, missing breakfast, our body’s metabolism slowing down as we get older due to lack of exercise, using different diets for a short period of time.

Excess weight can lead to many medical issues such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, depression, stress, kidney disease, cancer, arthritis. Other non medical issues are: mood swings, lack of energy, back muscular pain, lack of self confidence.

Weight gain can be prevented by eating healthily and doing regular exercises, this will lead to shedding weight and living an active lifestyle that prevents you from medical conditions mentioned above.

Here are few tips for weight loss: drink 1.5-2litres to stop you from over eating, eat at least 6 servings (from bread,rice, pasta), eat 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables, 2-3 servings from milk, yogurt and cheese group, 2-3 servings from meat and meat alternatives a day. Example of nutrition plan for the day is: morning 7-9 breakfast (bowl of cereal with milk and two slices of bread), mid morning snack 10-11am you have a glass of water with apple and grapes, lunch time 12-1pm eat a portion of rice with a chicken breast, vegetables and a glass of fruit juice, mid afternoon snack 3-5pm you have a bowl of mixed salad, banana and water Mellon

Exercise plan that will help you loose weight is: moderate to high intensity running for 15-20mins everyday, if you don’t like running you can you use cross trainer, skipping or cycling. If you enjoy all the above mix them and do on the different activity each day. Try to stick to this program for 4-12 weeks in order to get good results.

Healthy eating and exercise will help you to boosts your immune system, makes you live longer, look younger, loose weight, prevent and even reverse heart disease, prevent and manage diabetes, strengthen bones, avoid stroke and lower blood pressure. You look and feel better, energy levels will increase, move better, free of muscular pain, feel confident and able to live a stress free life.


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